Directional Flow Arrow 6FT PeopleFlow

Germ and virus prevention signs serve as visible reminders for employees, customers, students, teachers, patients and caregivers. Strategies to prevent illness include: frequent hand washing, avoiding close contact, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning and disenfecting surfaces. Applicable for colds, flu, COVID-19 and other germs and viruses. Custom sizes and options are available. Coronavirus corona virus cold sick covid covid19 wash hands hand wash 6 feet 6 ft six feet six ft floor decal FelxiStick flexi stick flex non-slip anti-slip ASTM-D2047 social distance social distancing  Thank You For Social Distancing floor decals floor signs 6ft Social Distancing Social Distance 6 feet 6ft PeopleFLOW Sign System People Flow FlexiSTICK Flexi Stick Anti-slip Floor Decal PeopleFLOW, SOCIAL DISTANCING, FLOOR SPACERS HELP MANAGE THE FLOW OF PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC AND ENSURE SOCIAL DISTANCING THROUGHOUT YOUR FACILITY. AVAILABLE IN 1) FLEXISTICK WITH A DURABLE, SELF-ADHESIVE, NON-SLIP, UL410 RATED FILM. EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE. FOR TEMPORARY INDOOR AND SHORT-TERM OUTDOOR USE. DESIGNED FOR TIGHTLY-WOVEN CARPET, TILE, METAL, WOOD AND VINYL FLOORS, UNTREATED STONE, SMOOTH CONCRETE, ASPHALT, BRICK, AND CERAMIC TILE. 2) ANTI-SLIP FLOOR DECALS ARE DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND HEAVY FOOT TRAFFIC. PERMANENT SELF-ADHESIVE VINYL WITH A NON-SLIP, UL410 RATED OVERLAMINATE. STRONG ADHESIVE BACKING WITH A PEEL OFF LINER MAKES FOR EASY APPLICATION. FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. CUSTOM DESIGNS ARE AVAILABLE.