Stop PeopleFlow

Germ and virus prevention signs serve as visible reminders for employees, customers, students, teachers, patients and caregivers. Strategies to prevent illness include: frequent hand washing, avoiding close contact, covering coughs and sneezes, and cleaning and disenfecting surfaces. Applicable for colds, flu, COVID-19 and other germs and viruses. Custom sizes and options are available. Coronavirus corona virus cold sick covid covid19 wash hands hand wash 6 feet 6 ft six feet six ft floor decal FelxiStick flexi stick flex non-slip anti-slip ASTM-D2047 social distance social distancing  Thank You For Social Distancing floor decals floor signs 6ft Social Distancing Social Distance 6 feet 6ft PeopleFLOW Sign System People Flow FlexiSTICK Flexi Stick Anti-slip Floor Decal