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Safety Tags

  • Danger
  • Scaffold
  • Lockout
  • Inspection
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Hot Work Permit
  • Regular size: 6 - "x 3"
  • Jumbo size: 7"x 4½"

Floor Decals

Self-Adhesive vinyl 17" Diameter signs. Meets industry standards for non-slip performance (ASTM D 2047)

Digital Lost Time Accident Signs

  • Electronic counter will increment every 24 hours
  • Aluminum frame size - 28" x 20"
  • Red 2 ¼" Numbers

Sales Policy - Our products are sold though distributors. If you would like to order, please call and we will assist you in locating your nearest distributor. 800-477-7233

Traffic Signs

Sign Materials:

  • Reflective aluminum
  • High intensity reflective
  • Diamond grade reflective
  • Aluminum

Projecting Wall Signs

  • Printed on thick acrylic
  • Wall mounting flange on both ends
  • Signs include wall mounting holes and foam tape
  • Signs can be viewed from three sides


Safehouse Signs - Custom Signs